• AquaLight
    Water Repellent Fabric

    Thanks to its high water-repellant nanotechnology, AquaLight coated fabric absorbs less water and allows you to feel free when you swim. It also dries 6 times faster than traditional swimwear materials ensuring that you’re comfortable out of the water. Read More
  • Felicity

    The versatility of the Felicity gives it an uncompromising advantage - it's just as comfortable during your swim workout as it is when you're relaxing poolside!

    Work out. Relax. Repeat.

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  • Women - Active Swim

    The Women's Active Swim line is designed to address the needs of the core active swimmer, providing comfortable, functional and fashionable swimwear that is cut for a woman.

    Look as good as you feel in Vitality, a suit designed with muscle compression to keep your body in top shape for every workout.

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  • Isis Maternity

    Finally a swimsuit that allows you to be active and feel great throughout your pregnancy! Due to its bust support, adjustable straps, expanding front seams and criss-cross tulle belly support pocket, this suit will flatter your growing body month after month. Read More
  • Stingray

    Featuring 100% UVA and UVB protection and a hybrid construction of Neoprene and Lycra, the Stingray core warmer will keep kids warm, protect them from the sun and allow the freedom of movement they need while playing in and out of the water. Read More
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